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Local Cafe App
Cafe Amore

Local Cafe App
Cafe Amore

The Cafe Amore app was conceived as an all-in-one solution to enhance customer experiences by enabling real-time order tracking and workspace reservations at the cafe. We were tasked with the challenge of determining if these features added value for the users and the business alike.

Lead UX Designer

Usability Testing

Problem Statement

How can Cafe Amore provide real-time value to its customers and business by enabling order tracking and workspace reservation features in its mobile app?

Research & Discovery

We conducted handful of user interviews and competitive analysis of other cafe apps.


of users showed interest in tracking their mobile orders.


found value in the ability to reserve study/work spaces.

Audience & Persona

We conducted handful of user interviews and competitive analysis of other cafe apps.





Nursing school grad


Denver, CO


Husband & 1 Child


Part time RN


  • Need to get in and out of shop with coffee quickly on work days with multiple coffee’s in a sturdy drink holder

  • Would like pre-placed orders to be ready on time, especially when with child


  • Always in a hurry

  • Sometimes pick up line is over flowing and there is no organization

  • To go orders are usually made late

  • Drink carriers are flimsy

Sarah is a wife and mother who works part time as a registered nurse. On her work days she stops at Cafe Amore to get her day started with her favorite mocha latte. She likes bringing coffee to her co-workers on Tuesday because she gets an extra discount and earns CA points with every purchase. Sometimes she wonders if it’s worth her time going to Cafe Amore. It’s always packed, her order is never ready on time and she’s dropped her drinks in the past due to faulty equipment.

Ideation and Conceptualization

Armed with user research, we brainstormed various features that could meet our objectives. We designed a low-fidelity prototype which was iterated upon multiple times before arriving at a solution that balanced user needs and business objectives.

We designed a menu-focused layout with a bottom navigation bar for quick access to 'Order', 'Reserve', and 'User Profile'.

Wireframes and Prototypes

From paper sketches to digital wireframes, and finally interactive prototypes in Figma, the design went through several iterations based on user feedback.


We adhered to a clean and minimal design, taking cues from Cafe Amore's branding elements.

Research & User Testing

The prototype was tested on 10 users, leading to valuable insights and testimonials.


  • Users prefer the freedom to choose their reservation dates.

  • Users appreciate the organized menu.

  • Navigation is deemed easy and straightforward.


  • Facilitate booking for future dates.

  • Include a real-time tracking feature.

Results & Impact

The project was enlightening in terms of understanding how real-time features can significantly enhance user experience. For future iterations, we are considering features like loyalty rewards and in-app social sharing.