Website Design & Branding
Harmony & Haven

Website Design & Branding
Harmony & Haven

Website Design & Branding
Harmony & Haven

The Harmony And Heaven Pilates Studio project was envisioned as a holistic platform to elevate the fitness experience of our clients. Our primary objective was to ascertain whether integrating a user-friendly website with features such as online class scheduling, wellness resources, and community engagement could significantly enhance the value offered to our clients and contribute positively to our business model.

Lead UX Designer


Problem Statement

The studio's website and branding were not effectively capturing its holistic ethos. More importantly, there was no simple, intuitive way for clients to schedule classes online, resulting in a gap between the studio's offerings and client engagement.

Our primary goal was to reimagine the studio’s digital presence to align with its physical ethos. The objectives included redesigning the website to reflect Harmony And Heaven's holistic approach and creating an easy-to-use online class scheduling system to enhance customer experience and accessibility.

Research & Discovery

Research began with a thorough analysis of existing clients' experiences and potential new clients' needs. We conducted surveys and focus groups to understand the pain points in class scheduling and interaction with the studio's digital platforms.

Design Process

Ideation And Sketching

The process began with brainstorming sessions, where we mapped out the user journey and sketched preliminary designs for the website, focusing on simplicity and ease of scheduling.

User Testing

Prototype versions of the redesigned website were tested with select clients. Their feedback was crucial in refining the scheduling feature and ensuring the website’s design resonated with the studio’s holistic values.

Final Solution

The final design was a responsive, user-friendly website that accurately represented Harmony And Heaven's brand. A key feature was the streamlined class scheduling system, allowing clients to effortlessly book and manage their Pilates sessions.

Results & Impact

Post-launch, the redesigned website received positive feedback for its ease of use and aesthetic alignment with the studio’s ethos. The new scheduling system led to an increase in class bookings and client engagement, significantly boosting the studio's online presence and client satisfaction.