Rideshare App
For Kids

Rideshare App
For Kids

Rideshare App
For Kids

K-go is a safety-first Rideshare app designed for Families, Guardians, and individuals who take care of children. The app aims to facilitate the shuttling of children from one destination to another safely.

Lead UX Designer

Usability Testing

Objectives & Goals

The goal is to create a safe place where parents and caretakers can trust that their child will get to where they need to be without worry.

Research & Discovery

Before starting the project, a question was posed…

"Is There A Need For A Rideshare App For Children?"

Surveys among parents and guardians confirmed strong interest in the idea.

Analyzed 10 alternative transportation programs, with K-go projected to fill a unique niche focused on child safety.

Problem Statement

How can individuals who take care of children get them from one destination to another safely, especially when they might not be able to drive or get off work on time?

Design Process

Ideation & Sketching

Listened to user feedback to ideate the app's features. Several iterations were performed, addressing issues like the users’ inability to navigate to the driver page.


Included digital wireframes, low and high-fidelity prototypes. The goal was to ensure easy navigation, even by tech-savvy children. The app's aesthetics were designed to be fun and family-friendly while considering color vision impairments.

User Testing

Several rounds of user testing helped in refining the design, such as the placement of the "go back" arrow and the addition of a cancel confirmation page.

Final Solution

Responsive designs included a mobile app, a responsive website, and an iPad version, all maintaining the original theme but with straightforward navigation.

Results & Impact

The K-go app is ready for engineering and launch after a comprehensive design process. The key takeaways from this project demonstrate the potential impact and excitement surrounding its release.